Organifi Green vs Red vs Gold

Health and wellness go hand in hand towards making a complete individual. There are multiple products in the market that cater to this segment. I am someone who is very focused on achieving a healthy lifestyle through natural means. Not for me a package full of chemicals – no.

I find myself more drawn towards natural means. Regular exercising apart, my focus has been on eating healthy.

Organifi has been the go-to brand for me. They boast a product line that is focused on health and wellness. Organifi Green, Red and Gold being the key ones. Whether you are looking for weight loss or boosting your metabolism, here is the place.

However, the wide range of products confuses many.  One often gets confused between Organifi Green vs Red vs Gold. This article aims to help you buy the right one for your needs.


Summary – Which Organifi Juice is Right for Me?

If you plan to have just one juice that will help you improve your overall health, provide you with all the needed nourishment, then this is the right product for you.

If you plan to detox your body and build your immunity – I recommend this product.

However, if you are looking for an anti-ageing drink that will also help you with your weight loss regime – Go for This Product.

Ideally, you should try a combination for two or all three of these drinks. I have provided details of how and when you can consume these drinks in the article below. You can buy the combo by Clicking Here.

So Read On!


Core Ingredients In Organifi Products

Organifi Juice range began with the extremely popular Green Juice. The demand and popularity were such that other juice products followed. Antioxidant-rich ingredients used in the products are the key to success. In a stressful work world, everyone is looking for some quiet and calm. The damage caused by stress to human cells can take a huge toll, both physically and mentally.

Organifi Green, Red and Gold Juice - Combo worth Buying

Listed below are the core ingredients of each of the Organifi Juice products. These are natural ingredients that are known for their healing and sustaining properties. Sourced from organic farms, they are crucial to the USP of this range of products.


Green JuiceRed JuiceGold Juice
Wheat GrassAcaiTurmeric
HorseradishBeetCoconut Milk
SpirulinaPomegranateAcacia Fiber Prebiotic
Matcha Green TeaRaspberryGinger Extract
Coconut WaterBlueberryBlack Pepper Piperine
AshwagandhaStrawberryRed Reishi Mushroom
Red BeetCordycepsTurkey Tail Mycelium
TurmericSiberian GinsengLemon Balm Magnesium
Reishi Mushroom

The best thing about Organifi is how each ingredient is a powerhouse of goodness. Combined together, the final product becomes a superfood. Each Organifi product boasts of antioxidant, calming, pro-digestion and stress relief features. Going through the benefits of each product is like moving up a step in vitality each time. The best part, of course, is having the entire goodness packed in an easy-to-use form.


Organifi Green vs Red vs Gold – Comparison

The catch here is that it is difficult to compare products that are all made of super ingredients. All Organifi juices contain health-promoting ingredients. This makes a comparison impractical. None is lesser than the other in terms of its effects upon the user.

Organifi Red vs. Green

While Red Juice boosts metabolism, Green Juice reduces stress. One works to steady the digestive system, another helps in calming the mind. Both have their specific functions aimed at the immune system.

Organifi Gold vs. Red

Gold Juice is great for flushing out toxins while Red Juice has great anti-ageing properties. Both contain ingredients that help bolster the immune system and help fight disease.

Organifi Green vs. Gold

For day-long energy needs, Green Juice provides all nutrition in a scoop. Gold Juice helps calm the mind and aids memory retention.

Like I said earlier, there is really no way to choose between one good product and another. With palate-friendly taste and easy to use monthly supplies, it is now so easy to take care of overall health.


What are the Benefits of Different Organifi Juices?

Organifi has Green, Red and Gold juice powders available on its range. Each of these has a distinctly different composition. Their usage and effectiveness vary from product to product.

Organifi Red Juice

  • Organifi Red Juice decelerates ageing process. With its antioxidant constituents like acai, cranberry and raspberry, it helps fight ageing effectively.
  • Improves metabolism. Cordyceps and Rhodiola help in burning more fat and regulate energy for efficient functioning.
  • Promotes memory. Help fight free radicals to improve retention powers.

Here is a video by Organifi founder talking about the benefits of Organifi Red Juice. Make sure you watch the complete video below.


Organifi Green Juice

  • Provides nourishment. Full of powerhouse ingredients, this provides balanced nourishment to the body.
    Improves immunity. Spirulina and chlorella help boost immunity. This helps fight diseases and stay healthy.
  • Nutrient-rich source. Each handpicked ingredient is full of essential nutrients. In a prescribed combination, this becomes a potent nutrition source for the body.
  • Healthier skin. Helps vitalize skin and promotes healthy hair growth.

To know more about the Organifi Green Juice, have a look at the video below.


Organifi Gold

  • Boosts immunity. Organic turmeric found in this product is vital to improved immunity and disease protection. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
  • Promotes cognitive function. The relaxing presence of lemon balm helps cleanse the mind. It also helps focused thinking and improved memory.
  • Overnight detoxification. Facilitates better digestion and restful sleep, which helps the body detox fully.
  • Revitalize body. A healthy body will house a healthy mind. Experience new energy and vitality.

Here is a video of the Organifi founder talking about Organifi Gold Juice and its benefits.


Each day is a new day!

Organifi products help us begin every day with renewed vigour and vitality. The fact that mental health is closely related to physical health is established. For most people, their daily routine is full of stressors of all sorts. This is how things are in the modern world. There are nuclear families all round. Job stressors coupled with family pressures can be very demanding. When the mind is not relaxed, there is an instant reflection on physical well being.


Combination of Organifi Juices

Superfoods aim to neutralize the harmful effects of modern lifestyles. With their power-packed goodness, they provide in one spoonful what we need to sustain ourselves. Question is, what kind of benefits one is aiming at. Depending upon specific needs, these wonderful juices can also be used in combination. I have myself tried the Green, Red and Gold Juice mixes for different requirements.

Not all requirements are fulfilled by a single product at times. The beauty of Organifi products is they can be combined for best results.

For example, I began using Red Juice primarily to slow down ageing. Visible results notwithstanding, my early morning lethargy needed attention. I went back to Organifi and zeroed in on Green. This promised to provide me with nutrition to sustain throughout the day. This seemed an ideal combination for me. I tried out one scoop of Green Juice in the morning and a scoop of Red Juice at night to balance my requirements.

Another combination could be to take Gold Juice at night and Red Juice in the morning. What this does is to fortify the body overnight with thorough detoxification. Once you wake up in the morning refreshed, a dose of Red Juice will help in optimum metabolism. This will help with abundant energy throughout the day.

Like mentioned earlier, it is possible to combine these three products in groups of two. What one wants for oneself will define which products to pick. All products contain organic and natural ingredients. This means no combination is detrimental in any way.


Techniques used in Organifi Powders

Natural ingredients are used in all Organifi Juice products. Everyday berries like strawberry and cranberry to super energy ingredients like Spirulina make up Organifi products. Slow drying technique is utilized in the process. This helps preserve all the natural goodness of organically grown products. Once the slow dry process is complete, these are then combined in specific proportions according to requirements of Red, Green and Gold Juice.

Hygienic processes are now used to turn them into powder. Organifi does not use any chemicals or preservatives in the entire process. This is true for the drying stage and the packaging stage. As a result, a chemical-free organically pure product is handed to users. Associated with amazing health benefits, every age group can use it.


Ways to use Organifi Powders

Ease of usage is one of the big pluses in Organifi products’ favour. A scoopful of one of these mixed in with water is the best way to use. Using coconut water or unsweetened almond milk helps make tasty smoothies. To help users, the website provides recipes ranging from smoothies to puddings and much more.

I prefer to have my dose of Organifi as a quick and tasty smoothie. Normally I take the morning dose on empty stomach for best results. The night dose is ideally taken some time before bedtime to help assimilate better.

These formulations are completely vegan and safe for use for everyone. The Green Juice powder is also thyroid friendly. There really are no contraindications to their usage. Being totally natural and chemical-free, they do not have any harmful effects.


Contact Organifi

Along with a user-friendly website, Organifi has made it easy for users to contact them. Various means like phone numbers, mail IDs, snail mail and Facebook Messenger are made available. Any user may reach out at any time with queries.


Embracing a healthy way of life never was easier. Each scoop of Organifi, Green, Red or Gold, helps. Scoop up a new life, now!

I hope this article “Organifi Green vs Red vs Gold” helped you select the right product for your needs. Which one did you decide to opt for? Do let me know in the comments section below.