Organifi Green Juice Review

This is going to be my honest Organifi Green Juice Review. As a regular user of this product for over eight months now, I have gained a clear understanding of this product. In this review, I am going to do my best to explain the reasons why I started using Organifi Green Juice, how it helped me. Things I liked about this product and the things I think can be better.


Summary – Organifi Green Juice Review (Should you Buy It?)

I have been super impressed by the product in my last 8 months of usage. This is the exact product that I bought. I made sure I took the monthly subscription option. This not only helped me save on some money but also added some extra dedication to my regime.

After three months, I changed my subscription to this product. The combination of both these products made me feel more energetic throughout the day and ensured a peaceful sleep at night.

With the summary out of the way, let us get on with my detailed review. I will start off by sharing my life before I started using Organifi Green Juice.

Organifi Green Juice Review by a real user - Using it for 8 Months


Supplementing My Diet

I think most people like me who have busy schedules have a problem supplementing their diet. Since I work extensively throughout the week, I rarely have the time to learn about what my body needs, let alone prepare a well-balanced diet. Years of nutrition-deficient meals that I ordered from my local deli had started to take a toll on me as I could feel my body demanding more nutrition.


Years of Eating Thoughtlessly

Even though I knew that my diet was the main reason behind my weariness, fatigue and a lack of desire to go through the day, I still didn’t have the time to change my routine. I needed instant-nutrition, a quick and easy way to intake most of the nutrients I needed at once, to be stress-free for the rest of the day. That’s when I heard about Organifi Green Juice.

Here is what my typical lunch would look like.

Unhealthy lunch that I used to have before Organifi


Introduction to the World of Juicing & Organifi

I heard about Organifi Green Juice from a friend of mine who had used the product to supplement the nutrients that he couldn’t manually consume. Although he said that the juice is not a substitute for plant-based healthy diets, it became an essential part of his overall plant-based diet. It was nice to see him go from chomping on chocolate bars for instant energy boosts to sipping Organifi Green Juice throughout the day.


Learning about Juicing

I was interested in how he was getting access to these important nutrients with just juice. Without a doubt, I had a lot of apprehensions about the product – Are the advertised benefits of Organifi Green Juice real or fake? Was his increase in energy levels and the ‘mental clarity’ that he was supposedly receiving, just placebo effects? To clarify my doubts, I read more about the benefits of juicing.


What is Juicing and its Benefits

Before trying out Organifi Green Juice, I really wanted to know what the advantages and disadvantages of regularly consuming such a juicing product were. I was pleasantly surprised.


What is Juicing?

Juicing is the process of consuming fruits and vegetables in a liquid form. Typically, the juice is acquired from fruits and vegetables with a machine but modern innovations have allowed the process of juicing to take another shape – all the fruit and vegetable extracts are crushed into a powdery form which makes it more accessible. Organifi Green Juice, for instance, is available in powder form.


Here are some of the benefits of Juicing:

1. Nutrient Value

More than 90% of all the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need are available in raw fruits and vegetables. Juicing vegetables and fruits is essentially having them pre-chewed for you. Not only is your body being provided with healthy nutrients, but the juice is also more digestible. You get a better rate of nutrient-absorption. The process of juicing, takes away all the pulp, leaving behind just the nutrient-rich liquid. The gut absorbs the nutrients faster, energizing the body cells.


2. Boosts Gut Bacteria

Into my research about the benefits of juicing, I was surprised to find out that over 30% of our immune system exists in our guts. Gut bacteria are crucial to having a strong defence mechanism against toxins that we consume. Vegetables are essential sources of gut-boosting pre-biotic bacteria which balance both our digestive and immune systems.


3. Instant Energy Boost

When we drink a nutrient-rich juice, all the enzymes and minerals present in it are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream. Unlike solid foods which take time to disintegrate; nutrient-rich juices give immediate and direct results.


4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Saturated fat is one of the key factors in increasing cholesterol levels. Juicing on a daily basis introduces the body to a wide range of vegetables that help you curb your hunger massively, reducing your craving for cholesterol-heavy food items such as red meat.

Lower Cholesterol - Healthy Heart


5. Boosts Mental Awareness

I know this may sound bit gobbledygook but I’m speaking from experience – daily juicing did make me feel better mentally! The scientific explanation could be that juicing exposes the body to Amino Acids such as Citrulline. These amino acids, when introduced to the bloodstream, improves our blood circulation which fills our brains with more oxygen, making us feel lighter and sharper!


6. Weight Loss

As mentioned before, drinking one or two cups of juice (240–480 ml) can be extremely filling. I genuinely lost my appetite for junk food (something I was ashamedly extremely prone to consuming) which helped me shed some pounds.


7. Detox

Juices are usually alkaline so they help extract all the acids in the body. Detoxification is the process of cleansing our blood flow. Due to my busy schedule, it is almost impossible for me to go on a ‘cleanse’ which is why I juice daily. Juicing helps me filter my body of toxins on a daily basis.


8. Disease Prevention

The alkaline nature of juices and energy drinks raises the pH levels in the body, making it more effective at preventing heart, kidney and lung diseases. Other diseases that can be prevented by maintaining a healthy alkaline level are osteoporosis and diabetes.


I don’t want to sound over-dramatic when I say this but it is true – regular juicing really transformed the way I consumed food items altogether. Not only was I able to shed off my poor eating habits, juicing also made me feel physically and mentally much stronger. A lot of the credit goes to Organifi Green Juice which gave me a great juicing experience without having to go through cutting, blending, and sieving fruits and vegetables.



What is Organifi Green Juice?

Organifi is one of the most successful nutrition supplement manufacturing companies in the USA. They captured the attention of the market using unique organic ingredients in their supplements.

They are one of the first companies to use organic ingredients such as beetroot, matcha green tea and red beetroot, mixing it up with commonly used ingredients like turmeric and mint.

Their unique mixtures advertise a lot of benefits, but the main goal of incorporating these products has always been promoting total health and wellness. I have written a detailed post on this topic here.


Drew Canole is the founder of Organifi

Launched just in 2015, they are one of the few supplement companies to boast over two million likes on Facebook. I only became legitimately interested in them because of all the good reviews they were generating online. So, I took on my friend’s recommendation and researched the ingredients they used in the Organifi Green Juice.

drew canole Organifi Founder


Key ingredients Used in Organifi Green Juice

All Organifi ingredients are:

  • Certified organic
  • Non-GMO (non-genetically modified) verified.
  • Manufactured in facilities approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Manufactured in California.
  • Follows the Proposition 65 (state-ordered obligation to post warnings about any ingredient posing a carcinogenic threat)
  • Initially, the company had two proprietary blends – “Super Food Proprietary Blend” and the “Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend.”

However, the company is very private about their recipes. They choose not to list the quantities of each ingredient. This made it difficult for me to understand which ingredients were helping me in which way and to what extent.

Acknowledging that shortcoming, I still analyzed some of the well-known benefits of the ingredients. Some of them include:

1. Moringa

Moringa is a North Indian tree. It is a traditionally used source of natural herbal medicines. All the parts of the tree are beneficial in some way. Some of the benefits of this ingredient include –

  • Nourishing skin and hair cells
  • Cooling down the liver
  • Treating stomach conditions
  • Prevents gut bacterial diseases
  • Mood enhancement

Benefits of Moringa Leaves

Since the leaves of the tree are extremely high in antioxidants, it was thought of as a wonder food in ancient Indian culture. The yogis would drink one cup of crushed Moringa leaves every day. A similar philosophy is applied when it is converted into a green powder and used in Organifi Green Juice.

2. Chlorella

Chlorella is a single-celled alga. Almost 60% of its build-up is protein and it is dense with other anti-toxin nutrients. It has been prescribed by doctors for improving cholesterol levels. Rich in antioxidants, chlorella is made exclusively in Taiwan or Japan.

I assume the company imports chlorella and that’s great because there’s no way I could have ever had access to this wonderful, rare and healthy alga.

Even one gram per dose every day is beneficial for the body. The chlorella binds itself to heavy metals and toxins to eliminate them from the body.

3. Mint

Mint has been commonly used in supplements as a fragrant herb. Users like me, who are very particular about taste, may find the prospect of drinking Organifi Green Juice too distasteful at first but the presence of mint certainly alleviates this misconception.

Right from the first sip, you will notice the mild minty taste which takes some time to get adjusted to. The juice doesn’t have a particular odour which makes it very drinkable. By no means is the juice as tasty as a strawberry or banana milkshake but it isn’t as bad as you think. After a while, I really grew a craving for the minty flavour.

The presence of mint doesn’t only give the drink a refreshing taste, mint is also known to have amazing antioxidant capacities. A cup every morning makes my stomach feel cool. I don’t have to worry about gas or indigestion problems as much I used to in the past.

4. Spirulina

Spirulina, like Chlorella, is an amazingly nutritious blue-green alga. It is a core component of some of the bestselling health supplements in the market. The ratio of protein for each gram Spirulina is 4:7. Although I don’t think they put seven grams of Spirulina into Organifi Green Juice, the fact that it is mentioned as an ingredient makes me feel a lot more positive about this product.

5. Red Beets

Red Beets are root vegetables. They are powdered and added to this juice because they are extremely reactive to the other ingredients. They form compounds which help in preventing swelling by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. This impacts blood vessels. Beetroots are what make these drinks so great for pre-exercise preparation. My exercise capacity definitely increased after drinking this.

6. Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is available in stores in a powdered form. It is easily dissolvable in water. This powder gives the juice the natural nutrients present in the Matcha tea leaves. Matcha tea contains considerably more antioxidants than regular green tea.

Matcha Green Tea

7. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass serves as the essence of most green juices. These leaves of the wheat plant have always been a part of a healthy American diet. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one 8g serving of organic wheatgrass powder contains 24mg of Calcium, 1g of Iron and 1g protein. That may sound low, but when consumed regularly, these nutrients have a significant impact on health.

Wheatgrass also contains plenty of antioxidants, vitamins (K mostly), and minerals which boost the metabolization process and prevent the risk of oxidative or stress-related diseases.


I had no clue about this ingredient so I was surprised to find out how useful this versatile plant is. It is commonly recommended to people suffering from arthritis and cognitive disabilities because it is an ‘adaptogen’. In Organifi Green Juice, there is 1.45g of Ashwagandha. The plant is used in all of Organifi’s products under the “Super Food Proprietary Blend” category.


This anti-inflammatory agent has long been a part of treating clogged arteries, muscle aches and similar conditions. Turmeric has proven to reduce weight gain that is a major cause of body inflammation.


How do they source these ingredients?

These are all the main ingredients that were listed on the official Organifi website. I listened to a podcast hosting Drew Canole where he stated that all of these ingredients are grown in fully-organic farms. Some of them are also imported.


Deciding to Buy Organifi?

It was interesting to read the Organifi Green Juice Reviews and testimonials. A small percentage of them were talking about not liking the taste but most people were positive and optimistic about the product. Some of the reviews read –

  • “Organifi is a superfood drink”
  • “Canole is not a fresh off the block fitness ‘guru’. He knows what he is doing”
  • “Easier and more accessible – a shortcut for healthy eating”

By reading some of these reviews I was reassured and the product seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.


Some FAQs about Organifi Green Juice

Is Organifi Green Juice FDA approved?

All Organifi products are manufactured in facilities approved by the FDA. However, their products itself are not FDA approved. But you rest assured as all their juices are certified organic and non-GMO verified.

How much does it cost?

I ordered my first pack of Organifi Green Juice from their official website. It cost me around $69 and it was shipped to me instantly. Shipping cost me an additional $10. However, there are some offers which will get you this product cheaper. Click on this article to find out how.

Is Organifi Green Juice expensive?

Well, each bottle had 30 servings. I had one serving a day so one juice container lasted me a month. At a rate of one serving per day, I was paying less than $2.70 which is considerably cheaper than a cup of coffee! Some other offers you will find on the Organifi website include: - 3 canisters for around $175 - 6 canisters for around $300 Users also have the option to sign up for a yearly subscription program where for around $60, you will receive canisters every thirty days for one year. You can cancel this subscription at any time. Granted, the vitamins, probiotics and the other nutrients included in the ingredients are bound to cost me a lot. But is Organifi Green Juice the most cost-effective supplement in the market? I looked up some other energy supplements and I found: Products which are costlier than Organifi Green Juice: - Onnit’s Earth Grown Nutrients – Approximately $2.5 per cup or serving - Athletic Greens – Around $3 per cup or serving Products that were cheaper than Organifi Green Juice: 1. PharmaFreak Greens Freak – a little more than $1 per cup or serving 2. ORAC-Energy Greens – Less than $1 per cup or serving 3. Green Vibrance – Around $1.5 per cup or serving 4. AI Sports Nutrition Red & Greens XT - $1.50 per cup or serving 5. Amazing Grass’s Green Superfood - $1.00 per cup or serving 6. Patriot Power Greens – a little less than $2 per cup or serving 7. Sun Warrior’s Supergreens – Less than $1 per cup or serving It is important to note that the cheaper products don’t offer as many nutrients and probiotics as Organifi Green Juice does.

Where Can You Buy Organifi Green Juice?

You ship the cans of Organifi Green Juice to any location in America and a lot of other developed nations like UK & Australia. Organifi is sold in a few offline stores and it is best to buy directly from their websites. You can also buy it from online stores such as: - Walmart - Amazon - GNC - Organifi (Their own website) - Vitamin-Shoppe

Does Organifi Green Juice have a Refund Policy?

Organifi offers a thirty-day refund policy. On the website it clearly says that you can return the product even if it is not damaged. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it. Thankfully, I did not feel the need to return it! This brings me to the next section of the review where I’ll analyze the advertised and the actual benefits of this product.

Does OGJ have cancer warning?

Yes, but you don’t have to be worried about getting cancer from this juice! The product comes with a ‘Prop 65’ labeling. Prop 65 is a law that applies to all California-based manufacturing companies. All manufacturers are legally obligated to add notices on their labels stating that their products may contain chemical/s identified by the state of California to cause reproductive defects or cancer. It sounds risky, but the state of California was forced to take this measure because there were countless illegitimate lawsuits being filed against the state. By including this statement in products manufactured in the state, the state is absolving itself from any liability in case there’s a chemical or a mineral found in the soil where the organic products were cultivated. This rule applies to all manufacturers based in California. If Organifi was headquartered outside California, they wouldn't be legally obliged to put this warning on their product labels. All of their products are rigorously tested for contaminants before they hit the market.

Does OGJ need to be refrigerated?

It is best to refrigerate the OGJ canister after opening. Try to finish it up within 90 days.

Is OGJ a Meal Replacement?

Organifi Green Juice can be used as a meal replacement. The juice only contains 170 calories per serving, so weight loss-wise they can work wonders in the long-term. The juice is adequately nutritious so you can easily replace one meal of your day with this juice.

Is OGJ Keto Friendly?

Yes, it is. It is also clearly mentioned on their websites that their Juice is Keto friendly and will not impact your diet.

Does it contain caffeine?

No, it does not contain caffeine. it contains the much healthier matcha green tea instead.


Advertised Benefits vs Actual Benefits

Organifi Green Juice comes in a powdered form. The shelf-stable canister is easy to open and seal but I recommend storing the powder in an air-tight seal.

The instructions read something like this:

  • Dissolve one teaspoon with water
  • Stir and drink it at once

Can You Add More Ingredients?

Yes, you can add sweeteners like honey or sugar but it is best not to. The intended purpose of this drink was to be consumed alone.

I did try adding honey but after a while, I figured drinking it just with water saved me a lot of time and effort. According to the labelling on the canister, a single-scoop serving contains:

  • Super Food Proprietary Blend – 1.45g
  • Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend – 5.1g
  • Sodium -10mg
  • Iron – 3mg
  • Calcium – 31mg
  • Proteins – 2g
  • Total Carbohydrates – 6g


Some of the advertised and actual benefits include:

1. Ease of Use

Organifi is advertised as a juice that is incredibly easy to make. The powder dissolves in seconds with a few spoon stirs. There is no need for a smoothie shaker. I find it dissolves just fine with a spoon. No rinsing vegetables, no sieving, and no blender mess.

Overall Verdict – Extremely easy to use.

2. Anti-Stress

One feature that really attracted me to Organifi Green Juice was that it claimed to have stress-busting features. Is it actually anti-stress?

The juice contains adaptogens that attach themselves to harmful metals in the body, helping them rid the system as quickly as possible. I could honestly feel the adaptogen herbs at work. I drank it before leaving for work and found myself to be completely free of any physical or mental stress. I had never used a product like Ashwagandha (adaptogen herb) before, and I must say it was really effective.

Overall Verdict – I can’t be 100% sure whether or not the drink had a placebo effect on my mental state every morning since I am not a licensed nutritionist. But in my honest opinion, I always felt a rush of nutrients flowing inside my body every morning I drank this juice. Definitely an anti-stress product in my experience!

3. Antioxidant Protection

As mentioned before, Organifi contains antioxidant-rich nutrients like turmeric and matcha green tea. Antioxidants defend our bodies, protecting them from free radicals, destroying pollutants and stopping UV damage to body cells.


4. Does OGJ have detoxifying properties?

The fact that this juice contains lemon and coconut water made me feel really pleased as both of these ingredients are extremely efficient in cleansing the body. According to the advertised benefits of this product, this juice would stop bloating and act not only as a nutritional juice but also as a detoxifying agent.

Overall verdict – I did notice my face mass change a bit after drinking this juice for a couple of months. This juice kept my appetite in control for longer hours and I found myself more disinclined towards eating junk food. Overall, I would say that this juice definitely gave me antioxidant protection, making my face and skin appear much fresher.

5. Suited for All Diets

People on a strict diet may have some apprehensions about OGJ but the product is advertised to be suitable for all types of diets.

Will this juice mess up your diet? No! Organifi is:

  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Soy-free
  • Completely Vegan
  • Made purely from USDA organic ingredients

So, no matter how restrictive your diet plan is, this all-natural juice will not impact your nutrient intake. Plus, the entire pack contains only 1 gram of sugar.

Overall Verdict – Yes, this juice is all-natural and won’t disrupt any diet, be it a keto or a vegan diet.


6. Weight Loss – Can Organifi Green Juice Help?

A commonly asked question is ‘Can Organifi Green Juice Help in Weight loss?’ A simple answer to that question is it is complicated.

Clinical research has proven that supplement shakes can help in weight loss. Organifi as a brand has never been clinically tested. However, in a recent study published in the renowned journal called ‘Obesity Facts’, it is revealed that lengthy 24-36-month periods of supplement use caused significant decreases in the body cell mass of the participants.

Verdict – OGJ is not a tool for weight loss. However, it can be an important part of your journey towards weight loss.

7. Overall, How Effective is OGJ?

After testing the juice for myself, I can say that most of the benefits claimed on the website of the company were true. It is difficult to precisely evaluate the changes I felt in my body. But, I could sense certain positive changes such as –

  • My body felt reinvigorated
  • My hormones were balanced
  • I felt more equipped to deal with the effects and symptoms of stress
  • My immune function was improved
  • My blood circulation had improved
  • I had a lot of mental clarity


How do you use OGJ?

I will recommend users to follow all the label directions and guidelines. Depending on what you want from the product, you can use it as a daily supplement, for workouts to aid in muscle regeneration or as an occasional drink. If you want to use it as a weight-loss supplement, I would suggest you replace one meal with two servings of this juice.


When is the right time to consume this juice?

The company suggests drinking one cup in the morning. I started off with their prescribed routine but soon started using it as a mid-day beverage or right before my workouts in the evening.


How to Make It Tastier?

OGJ contains a lot of Wheatgrasses which gives this powder a grass-like taste. At first, I found this taste overpowering other flavours in the ingredients such as mint. To beat this taste, I started mixing the powder with pineapple which has a naturally strong taste. Cutting and preparing pineapples isn’t always an option for me so I also use honey or add the powder to a regular fruit juice occasionally. Most of the days, I just drink it with water.


Pros and Cons of using OGJ


  • A Super-Blend of Nutrients – Organifi is rich with beneficial ingredients. It contains probiotics such as chlorella, spirulina and moringa. These algae, when mixed with vitamins and minerals, offer amazing nutritional benefits. By far the most advanced use of organic ingredients in any supplement product in the market!
  • Organifi is a famous company not only known for selling OGJ. Their wide range of products is all focused on promoting overall wellness. The company has steadily grown in size which means their products are being re-sold.
  • Does not contain soy, dairy, caffeine, GMOs or eggs. Only organic components derived from whole foods are used to make this juice. It is perfectly fine for people with restrictive diets such as vegan or lactose-free diets.
  • USDA Certification.
  • Helps Digestion – Presence of enzymes helps in digesting proteins, fats, lactose and carbohydrates.
  • Multi-purpose – Can be used by weightlifters, regular gym-goers, people taking part in a weight loss program or by someone like me who just doesn’t have the time to make my own juice.
  • Low Sugar Content – All the sugars used to make this juice are all-natural. The very little sugar content you’ll find in the juice comes from coconut extracts and monk fruits.
  • No side effects
  • Just 170 calories per serving
  • Cost-effective

The Cons of Organifi Green Juice

Although I did not find any major red flags while using this product, there are some aspects of the juice that people should know before making a purchase decision –

  • Sporadic Use Doesn’t Help – Organifi Green Juice quickly leaves the system. Consistent use is a must for people looking to get all the benefits of the juice.
  • Visually not appealing – Since no added preservatives or colouring agents are used, the juice looks like crushed grass. You may find it ‘yucky’ to look at but it tastes much better.
  • Not enough flavours – There are two tastes that you will get from this juice – wheatgrass and mint. I hope
  • Organifi doesn’t introduce synthetically modified versions of the drink just for it to taste better. A fully organic non-flavoured drink is far better than having a flavoured yet synthetic drink.
  • Smell – Smells like grass which may be disturbing at first but you will get used to the earthly fragrance in a few days.


Final Thoughts

Organifi Green Juice mostly has positive reviews online. The majority of people say that this product did help them get instant-nutrition without all the hard work. I personally found the juice extremely easy to use and it did help me lead a more nutritious life. If you have already used powdered juice drinks, you will have no issues using the Organifi Green Juice.

Is Organifi Green Juice a scam?

Absolutely not! In fact, this is one of the best supplement drinks that you can find in the market. They are completely organic so the drink indirectly harming your body is completely out of the question.

Ever since the company was launched, their premium product – Organifi Green Juice has been heavily reviewed and studied. However, without knowing the concentration of the ingredients, it can be difficult to properly evaluate its overall nutritious value.

While it is impossible to replace the nutrition that actual plants and vegetables provide, using Organifi Green juice is the best way to get a daily nutrient boost. Costing less than $3 per day, this bestselling juice product is definitely worth the buy!